I noticed on the headstock, there the strings go through the nut, they're fairly straight, as opposed to on the Les Paul, where they tend to angle off a little.

FG: Having them going through straight reduces friction on the nut, therefore reducing any problems with tuning. Having Sperzel locking machinheads and using a Graph Tech nut, I have virtually no tuning problems at all - zero, in fact. Once you've stretched the strings in from scratch, and tuned them up to pitch, it pretty much stays in tune regardless of how much you bend.

Another thing I've done is hollowed out the sides of the body, with a 100mm solid core going through the middle of the guitar. The guitar itself is one piece mahogany. Usually I use maple for the tops, but I've used mahogany in the past to get a slightly darker sound.

22 frets are clear at the body as well which is another reason why I extended the tenon into the body for extra support - after working on early Gibson SGs and Juniors, I found that they usually creack because of the lack of support, and I also never liked the idea of not having enough wood going into the body itself.

Reduced string angle

Solid mahogany
body, 100mm core

22 frets clear